About Fox Fable

Fox Fable was founded by Angelique du Toit in 2017, South Africa. Her daughter Mila was born premature at 31 weeks, during this time she struggled to find blankets that were gentle enough for her daughter’s sensitive skin and that would not cause overheating.  She discovered the wonders of muslin, specifically the bamboo blend muslin that is super soft to the touch and gentle enough for a preemie’s underdeveloped skin.  Angelique could only get plain white or if she was lucky a little star or cloud pattern muslin blanket. Wanting to swaddle her daughter in designs as cute as her baby’s outfits, Fox Fable was born.

Fox Fable’s vision is to bring beautiful and fresh new baby designs of everyday baby goods to its customers.  We at Fox Fable understand that a trendy mommy wants her kiddo’s style to match her own.  Keep an eye on our website as we bring in more new modern takes on luxury baby goods.