About Fox Fable

Fox Fable was founded by Angelique du Toit in 2017, South Africa. Her daughter Mila was born in 2015, premature at 31 weeks, during this time she struggled to find blankets that were gentle enough for her daughter’s sensitive skin and that would not cause overheating.  She discovered the wonders of muslin, specifically the bamboo blend muslin that is super soft to the touch and gentle enough for a preemie’s underdeveloped skin.  Angelique could only get plain white or if she was lucky a little star or cloud pattern muslin blanket. Wanting to swaddle her daughter in designs as cute as her baby’s outfits, Fox Fable was born.

Fox Fable’s vision is to bring beautiful and fresh new baby designs of everyday baby goods to its customers.  We at Fox Fable understand that a trendy mommy wants her kiddo’s style to match her own.  Keep an eye on our website as we bring in more new modern takes on luxury baby goods.

Angelique's Story:

In 2015, I gave birth to my baby girl, born premature at 31 weeks and weighing only 1.7kg. Before our little miracle came along, I had been admitted to hospital three times during my difficult pregnancy. 

The first time I was rushed to hospital, at 25 weeks, I remember my best friend, Lizette, coming over to my house and providing much needed support while I tried to relax and stay calm, lying on the couch. Lizette knew what I was going through as she had had premature twin girls and had brought me all her preemie clothes and blankets to pack into my hospital bag. It was such a blessing to have a friend who had gone through it because I had no idea what to expect. 

My baby, Mila, was born at 10pm by emergency C-section. I remember waddling down to the NICU the next morning, drip in hand, to see my little girl for the first time – so tiny but so perfect! There I was, ready with my bags full of tiny baby clothes that looked like dolls outfits only to find that she would be lying naked with only a nappy, under the light of the open incubator. Her preemie nappy was folded double to fit our little miracle, she was crazy small. It was seven days before I got to hold her and I remember being completely overcome with love and hormones and everything gooey. The nursing sisters told me that Mila could be wrapped in a blanket while in the incubator, but that her skin was not completely formed yet, so even stroking her lightly might cause pain. The nurses introduced me to the benefits of muslin blankets, especially for premature babies. They explained to me that bamboo blend muslin blankets were extremely soft, even for the most sensitive or underdeveloped skin and that they have the additional benefit of regulating your baby’s temperature. 

Newborns can’t regulate their own body temperature, but muslin blankets are perfect for them: if it’s too hot, the blanket breathes enough so that the baby doesn’t sweat, and when it’s cold it keeps the baby warm and snug. 
The only thing I could do for my little girl while she was lying in the hospital was pump litres and litres of breastmilk and try to source the very best muslin blankets I could find! I was so disappointed that the only muslin blankets on the market were very small, not very soft and only available in a choice of plain white, stars or boring pink flower patterns. After buying all the cute hats and adorable outfits that she could not wear yet, I wanted to at least wrap her in something special and pretty, and this is how Fox Fable was born. 

After being an Industrial Engineer for over ten years in the mining and manufacturing sectors, I found it so liberating to tap into my creative and maternal side. I scoured suppliers from all over the world, and brought in my first shipment of the best quality, 100% cotton and bamboo muslin blankets with just the right thread count and in gorgeous designs: beautiful flamingos, watercolour hearts and delicate florals! 

To make Fox Fable muslin blankets even more special, I custom-designed a beautiful tin to package them in, that compliments any nursery long after you’ve bought your muslin blankets. I am so passionate about Fox Fable and I feel that I have totally found my calling. 

In 2018, when my son was born at 33 weeks, I was ready! From his first day, he was rocking the latest Fox Fable designs and all the nurses and other mommies ooh’ed and aah’ed at my little munchkin’s cute bamboo muslin blankets. Newborns are only small and squishy for such a short time, it’s important to enjoy those parenting moments of delight and absolute maternal bliss. Fox Fable is all about amplifying the cute, indulging in the beautiful and helping parents everywhere enjoy every magical moment. 

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